Release Note v0.2

Bazar v0.2 is released. Let's walk through the most important things about this release.

We've been working on stabilizing the API, writing more tests, and optimizing the code for a while. Recently we reached a milestone we defined, so we decided to bump a minor version.

Stabilizing the API

Bazar is more like an e-commerce framework than a complete application. So it's important to provide a friendly, readable, and easy-to-use API. We cleaned up some methods, added some missing ones, optimized parameters, and many more.


We started to use Coveralls thanks to Viktor. With the help of this coverage tool, we've been able to improve the coverage up to 97%. Hopefully, we can add some missing tests shortly, alongside cleaning up the existing ones.


We also made some improvements in the docs. Cleaned up the messy and crowded descriptions, added some missing docs, and added a new Algolia based search functionality to make it easier to browse.