Release Note v0.4

Bazar v0.4 is released. Let's walk through the most important things about this release.

It mainly ships small additions and bugfixes. For the complete list of changes, please read the changelog.

Cleaning Up

The v0.4 ships bugfixes mainly on the front-end of the admin UI. We removedmoment.js from the compiled chart.js, and by doing that, the script became more than 200 kb smaller, which is a good news.

We also fixed some issues around the Alert component, which did not re-render in some cases.

Front-end Events

Some new front-end events were introduced, which will have more importance later; for now, it was just a part of the preparation process. With the help of the events, you can easily register custom components from another script:

import CustomComponent from './Components/Custom';

document.addEventListener('bazar:booting', event => {
    event.detail.Bazar.Vue.component('custom', CustomComponent);

    Object.assign(event.detail.Bazar.pages, {
        'bazar-plugin::ModelName/Index': import('./Pages/ModelName/Index'),
        'bazar-plugin::ModelName/Show': import('./Pages/ModelName/Show'),
        'bazar-plugin::ModelName/Create': import('./Pages/ModelName/Create'),