Thoughtful Laravel E-commerce

Bazar is a powerful "headless" e-commerce system. Built on Laravel and Vue.

Screenshot of the admin area

Build-in Admin UI

Nice and Clean Admin Dashboard

We provide a clean and straigthforward admin dash out of the box. You can easily customize to your own needs.

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Flexible and Dynamic

Adopt Your Own Solutions Quickly

Bazar provides a flexible and easily extensible system, following the good old Laravel conventions.

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use App\Gateway\CreditCardDriver;
use Bazar\Support\Facades\Gateway;

public function boot(): void
    Gateway::extend('credit-card', function ($app) {
        return new CreditCardDriver(

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Strong Foundation, Agile Structure

The Bazar core comes with tax and discount management, shipping methods and payment gateways, cart handling and many more. Need more? You can write your own extensions easily.

Speed up Your E-Commerce

Bazar is a drop-in solution. This means, unlike many other e-commerce Laravel solutions, Bazar works as a package and not as a standalone Laravel application, so you can quickly install to your Laravel application using composer.

A Highly Customizable Platform

However Bazar comes with a default configuration setup, you can easily override with your own. Configure currencies, authorization flows, cart behavior and many more.

Quality Code, DRY Aspect

Bazar is trying to follow the widely used conventions for Laravel. This means the coding style and solutions may be familiar for many Laravel developers.