Generic Overview

Bazar comes with flexible discount support by default. You can easily manage discount definitions by using the Bazar\Support\Facades\Discount facade.

Discounts are stored on the Item and the Shipping models. Both implement the Discountable interface, which enforces to use of a unified method signature for calculating discounts.

Registering Discounts

You may register discounts using the Discount facade. You can pass a number, a Closure, or a class (that implements the Bazar\Contracts\Discount interface) along with the name of the discount.

use Bazar\Support\Facades\Discount;

// Fix discount
Discount::register('fix-20', 20);
// Custom closure discount
use Bazar\Support\Facades\Discount;

Discount::register('custom-percent', function (Discountable $model) {
    return $model->getTotal() * 0.3;
// Class discount
use Bazar\Contracts\Discount as Contract;
use Bazar\Contracts\Discountable;
use Bazar\Support\Facades\Discount;

class CustomDiscount implements Contract
    public function calculate(Discountable $model): float
        return $model->getTotal() * 0.3;

Discount::register('complex-discount', CustomDiscount::class);
// or
Discount::register('complex-discount', new CustomDiscount);

Removing Discounts

You may remove registered discounts using the Discount facade.

use Bazar\Support\Facades\Discount;


Disabling Discounts

You may disable discount calculation globally in some scenarios. To do so, call the disable method on the Discount facade.

use Bazar\Support\Facades\Discount;


Note, when disabling discounts, the previously set discounts won't be updated or recalculated. They stay untouched.